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Providing Quality Products & Services for Corporate Events Since 1954

The Tent Guy, a division of Ace Canvas & Tent (A.C.T.), is dedicated to quality service and is committed to providing your company or non-profit organization everything you need to organize a truly successful corporate event. That is why we offer such a wide range of quality products and services including:

  • corporate tent rentals, sales, manufacturing, repair and maintenance
  • various types of frame and pole tents
  • additional equipment such as sidewall, flooring, carpeting, liners and lighting
  • virtually any type of corporate event accessory from tables & chairs to linens

A.C.T. always strives to achieve maximum customer satisfaction under all circumstances.

To ensure the highest quality of service, A.C.T. maintains a spotless inventory and insists that its staff be punctual, knowledgeable, and professional at all times.

These are not only the core values that lie at the heart of A.C.T. ’s management style, but have been the main ingredients of its success for over half a century.

If you need event planning specialists with over 60 years of experience, call 1 (800) 456-9894 toll free today, or contact info@acecanvasandtent.com and let our corporate tent professionals help you select the best option for a successful event.

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